Hugo Schwyzer: Moving Forward



As a feminist who is a friend of Hugo Schwyzer’s, I’m very disheartened to see that there are self-identified feminists who would take such a reactionary stance against Hugo without looking at his words, actions, roles, and past in context. It’s a disappointing moment in history when we as a movement attempt to expel our best members based on quotes and accusations carefully culled to be as misleading and inflammatory as possible, simply because someone doesn’t fit the mold of being the perfect feminist with an always do-gooder past and the right demographic background.

In the past thirteen years, Hugo has gone above and beyond to make amends and create an accountability process for himself. I’ve seen the work he does to individually help others, and to be a safe space for students at my college. He uses his past experiences and current resources to help, not harm.

Isn’t one of the first few lessons of feminism realizing that what a feminist “looks like” can be wildly different from our expectations?

As a feminist who does not have a personal relationship with Hugo Schwyzer, allow me to completely insincerely and disingenuously apologize for making you disheartened when I and my own feminist friends spoke out about our discomfort for having this man as the mouthpiece of feminism.

If, at any point, any of my close personal friends starts a fairly lucrative career based upon saying the same things that women have been saying for decades while relating it back to how it affects his white male self — and it comes to light that he totes tried to murder someone but it’s all okay now!!! — feel free to not take my friend’s miraculous transformation at face value. 

If your friend Hugo wants to identify as a feminist, that’s his business. I don’t tell anyone how to identify, not even people with such massive amounts of privilege in basically every area of life. But the issue at hand is that he has become a louder and larger presence (a paternalistic presence, I might add), and a more trusted and wildly revered source of feminism, than so many women. Women who are actually victims of violent abuse. Women who are actually facing the brunt of the repercussions of a society that hates women. Women who are survivors of the kinds of horrible abuse that you so cavalierly refer to as Schwyzer’s “past in context”. 

So again, allow me to apologize. I am so sorry that women took a stand within the feminist movement. A brave stand, because we all know that even in movements for women, about women (and in an ideal world, by women), there is no greater sin than affronting a white guy who gives women the time of day. When he’s not trying to murder them or prey on them sexually from a position of power. I am so sorry that I and other women believe we should have a say in who speaks for our movement. And above all, I am so, so sorry that we all live in a culture where abusive men say a lot of things to make you take them back and stroke their ego again. 

(That last one was actually true.)

Yours in HORRIBLE, reactionary feminism,
Augusta Christensen
“Miss O” of STFU Sexists

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