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Sculptures by Georg Baselitz.

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Tom Thomson, Study for Northern River, 1914-15


Tom Thomson, Study for Northern River, 1914-15

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( All images courtesy of photographer Reka Nyari. All Rights Reserved ©)

New York based fashion and editorial photographer Reka Nyari - Born in 1979 to a Finnish mother and a Hungarian father, Reka started painting even before she could walk or talk. This led her to New York to study Painting at SVA at the age on 17. Her love for Photography started when she started modeling after graduating from school, and traveling and working in Asia and Europe. Reka moved back to NYC in 2004 and started her career as a photographer. She works and plays in New York City, creating Fashion Editorials, campaign, CD covers, artistic portraits, and erotic photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the US and Europe, with a recent exhibition at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.

Photographer Reka Nyari on facebook flickr 500px

Do not delete credits. Thank you - DevidSketchbook

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Olaf Otto Becker - Under The Nordic Light

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Tom Thomson, White Caps, Smoke Lake, 1913


Tom Thomson, White Caps, Smoke Lake, 1913

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Hitler’s chalet of stolen art seized, 1945

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Andre Britz   |   http://britzpetermann.com

“Type mixed with graphic and old etching visuals.

Britzpetermann is a creative studio for interactive media experiences. We create sophisticated emotional and creative products. From the initial idea and a proof concept followed by unique design and solid code, we get the best out of multimedia productions.

the design blog:  facebook | twitter | pinterest

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Infomercial people are bad at everything.

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i am the teaching assistant for a discussion group and must give my students participation marks. i want to be sensitive to introverts and not force them into awkwardness. what has/hasn't worked for you in the past?


First of all, there is a difference between being introverted and being shy. For example: I am not particularly shy introvert and I was best friends with a very shy extrovert. 

For people who are shy, introverted, or both I think that it is best that you don’t force them to participate. I, as an introvert, hate being put in the spotlight when I haven’t had time to think things through or if I am uncertain of myself.

I think that, generally, you should weight the marks so that for the first couple classes, the participation marks don’t count as much. Introverts and/or shy people need to feel comfortable and need to get used to the environment. They won’t usually jump right in.

Now, the thing is, some shy people won’t participate at all. My shy extrovert friend knew her stuff, but, for the life of her, was too freaked out to participate. That also applies to the socially anxious. Participation can be seriously difficult for them. I think that, if you have students that don’t participate at all, but, in assignments, show that they are paying attention/know their stuff, then I think that you should offer them an extra assignment to make up a portion of their grade. My shy friend ended with some marks that in no way reflected how well she actually did because her participation marks brought her down a lot.

Hope you got something out of these rambling, incoherent thoughts!


So, while I’m here, I should apologize for not being on tumblr the last couple of weeks. I have been extremely anxious and stressed out and, on top of that, fell over on the side walk last week. I ended up with bruises the sizes of golfballs on my knees and I broke a bone in my foot (all of that from just falling over ikr). I will slowly try to tumble more now that I feel a bit better.

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Gaye McDonald - One Magazine

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My darling partner downloaded Best Coast…and threw it on the iPod. I’m embarrassed to admit I was enthralled. Not because the band isn’t good, but because I have no doubt that their music will be featured on some CW show called “The Cove” in which children are adults, adults are children, and Casey loves Jamie, and Jamie loves Alex, and Alex loves that rugged vaguely Hispanic dude who rides a Harley and will die in the season two finale, and there are black extras in the town, but no black characters, (and I will be weirdly happy about this,) and everyone will seem to agree that anything worth happening to anyone happens between the ages of 16 and 25.
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Edward Steichen, Yellow Moon


Edward Steichen, Yellow Moon

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Michael Chase
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